November 2, 2023

PAB ALERT – Biennial Ownership Reports Due December 1

By: wzeiders

The filing window for broadcast station Biennial Ownership Reports (FCC Form 323 for commercial stations and 323-E for noncommercial stations) opened on October 2, 2023.  All licensees of commercial and noncommercial AM, FM, full-power TV, Class A TV and Low Power TV stations must submit their Ownership Reports by December 1, 2023.

To simplify the process, the FCC’s filing system permits parties to validate and resubmit previously filed ownership reports so long as those reports were submitted through the current filing system and remain accurate.  Parties also have the ability to copy and then make changes to information included in a previously-filed report.  To facilitate this approach, there is a search page allowing filers to search for and review their prior Ownership Reports.

For additional information on preparing and filing Biennial Ownership Reports, note that the FCC hosted a video information session in 2021 which is available at Information Session on Filing Biennial Ownership Reports, Forms 323 and 323-E.  A PDF copy of the presentation materials is available here.

As a reminder, Biennial Ownership Reports submitted during this filing window must reflect a station’s ownership as it existed on October 1, 2023, even if the station was later assigned or transferred between October 1, 2023 and December 1, 2023.  Should you need assistance preparing and filing your Biennial Ownership Reports, please contact your Pillsbury counsel or any of the attorneys in Pillsbury’s Communications Practice.