Get Your Word Out

Public Education Program

1. Multiply Your Budget

Every NCSA/PEP program multiplies your budget by at least three time-and it's often more.

2. More Clout With Stations

Radio and TV stations are deluged with requests for PSAs. NCSA/PEP programs make sure your message gets airtime.

3. Documentable Results

Airtime reports are generated each quarter, showing the value of the airtime given to your message and where it aired in the state.

4. Statewide Distribution

Affiliation with your state broadcasters association means your message is distributed to radio and TV stations in the entire state.

5. Various Airtimes

NCSA/PEP spots normally run 7 days a weeks across all dayparts.

6. Finite Time Period

NCSA/PEP campaigns have a definite beginning and end date.

How We Can Help

We help Non-Profits and Government Agencies deliver their messages effectively and affordably.

The Non Commercial Sustaining Announcement/Public Education Program provides non-profit organizations and government agencies with a unique opportunity to deliver important educational messages to citizens across a state, region, or the country.

Each month, thousands of NCSA/PEP campaign messages are aired on radio and TV stations, educating viewers and listeners in large and small communities.

Qualified campaigns can be aired in individual states, or on a regional or nationwide basis. NCSA/PEP programs are operated by every state broadcasters association in the country and the National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations (NASBA) can help coordinate multi-state or national campaigns.

Campaign Examples

PA National Guard
PA National Guard
Live Free Ride Alive
PA Department of Health
PA Department of Human Services
Kin Connector
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