NCSA EDI and Reporting Information

EDI Information:

  • PAB requests that your station run 8x spots per week, M-Su 6a-12a, allocated to all dayparts.       As always, we are grateful for any contribution that your station makes.
  • Please return affidavits or times report invoices to the PAB at the end of each month. If no rates are included on the affidavit or invoice, please indicate your ROS rate.
  • Questions? Contact PAB’s Carter Wyckoff at or toll-free at 844-488-4651.


Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) has registered to receive e-invoices via the four largest EDI services and is requesting that you start providing invoices electronically, via one of these e-invoice services.

This is a free service, which allows you to use the most convenient e-invoicing service for you and your station.

It is our hope that this service will save you both time and money.  Please choose your preferred EDI service below and add the corresponding PAB vendor code to begin transmitting invoices electronically.


Should you have any problems or questions, please contact us at 717.482.4820 or email


Television Vendor Codes:


Ad Core Local / eMedia Trade – PAB Vendor Code – EMT2700


Strata TvINVOICES.COM – TvInvoices ID:  9917403


Spot Data – PAB Vendor IDB# – 2088.  $1 charge per invoice (PAB will reimburse related fees to participating stations)



Radio Vendor Codes:


Ad Core Local / eMedia Trade – PAB Vendor Code – EMT2700


Marketron – PAB ESI – 192483


 RADIOINVOICES.COM – PAB ID: 9915086 or RI15086


Spot Data – PAB Vendor IDB# – 2088. $1 charge per invoice (PAB will reimburse related fees to participating stations)

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