Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

What is an ABIP Inspection?

In short, you are requesting that PAB send one of its inspectors to your facility to conduct an “FCC style” inspection. Pursuant to PAB’s agreement with the FCC, our inspector will provide you with a timely report of what he finds in potential violation of FCC rules and regulations. If no deficiencies are present, he will so note and we will send you a Certificate of Compliance. The FCC agrees not to routinely inspect your station(s) during the following three year period.

If deficiencies are found, you will be asked to complete the corrections within the balance of the 150 period which began on the date our agreement was signed. Depending on the level of the deficiencies, our inspector may have to return for a re-inspection. If so, an additional fee will be assessed.

  1. Contact the PAB to request an ABIP Application at gponti@pab.org or 717-482-4820.
  2. Complete the agreement. Note that you must indicate either “yes” or “no” on the form regarding notifying the FCC that your station(s) have signed up for the PAB ABIP.
  3. Return your completed application, with full payment, either by email to gponti@pab.org or mail to 208 N. 3rd Street, Suite 105, Harrisburg, PA 17101.
  4. Upon receipt of your application and payment, PAB will contact our inspector of your intent to participate in our program and the inspector will contact the designated station representative to schedule an inspection date.
  5. On the assigned date, the inspector will conduct the inspection at your station. The designated station representative must be present and access to the studio and transmitter site is required.
  6. Shortly after the completion of the inspection, your station will receive a detailed confidential “Inspection Report” noting compliance issues (if any) were found during the visit.
  7. If no deficiencies were found, the inspector will otify the PAB and a Certificate of Compliance will be issued shortly thereafter, which is valid for three years after the date of inspection.
  8. If deficiencies are found, they must be addressed and corrected in a timely manner. Once any deficiencies noted in your inspection report have been resolved and the licensee reports the corrective actions taken to the inspector, the station will receive a PAB ABIP Certificate of Compliance which is valid for three years from the date of inspection.
  9. Even in you successfully pass PAB’s inspection and are certified, the FCC retains the right to inspect a certified station:
    • In pursuit of a complaint made against the station.
    • To check tower safety issues but the inspection is limited to only tower site facilities. Anything else found will be referred to PAB for correction.
    • To check the Public File for Political and EEO compliance. Anything else found during such an inspection will be referred by the FCC to the PAB for remedy.
    • The FCC may conduct a “compliance sweep” to determine if stations are complying with a specific rule or regulation. For example, the FCC could announce it will be inspecting EAS equipment and logging on a national basis.
  10. PAB accepts all major credit cards for payment; checks are also accepted and should be made payable to PAB.

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