March 15, 2024

PAB In-Person Sales Training Event – April 25th & 26th

By: wzeiders

@ the Harrisburg Hilton – registration deadline April 5, 2024


Please join us for the PAB’s in-person sales training event. Our event runs from Thursday afternoon, April 25, 2024 through Friday, April 26, 2024 and will be held at the Harrisburg Hilton in downtown Harrisburg. PA. Sessions are designed Sales Managers, Digital Account Executives and, AE Team Members.  Registration is free for the entire event…meals and lodging (if needed) will be provided; the only thing you need to pay for are your transportation fees to and from Harrisburg. These are strictly an in-person events, no video component will be available.  You can register for one, two, or all of our in-person events.  Registration deadline – April 5, 2024

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Thursday April 25th

P1 Learning & AdCellerant – (Radio & TV)   P1Learning – Multi-Generational Sales & Marketing with Speed Marriott – 1-3PM

Session description:  In this session, Speed Marriott will take a deep dive into the minds of tomorrow including Baby Boomers, Gen Z & a sneak peek at Gen Alpha.  Specifically, we look at the various dynamics that will affect our future customers and co-workers.  Whether you’re a seller or manager, you won’t want to miss this session.

AdCellerant – Technology & AI in Media – Working Harder, Not Smarter with Benjamin Bouslog – 3-5PM

Session Description: Advancements in technology have revolutionized the operations and efficiencies of businesses across all sectors. Join us as we delve into insights from a seasoned tech company executive, exploring how media companies are embracing cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency of their sales, operations, and leadership teams. Discover firsthand how various tools and technologies help streamline daily tasks, empowering individuals to achieve more in less time. From optimizing workflows to maximizing productivity, learn how these innovations enable teams to work smarter, not harder, ultimately driving greater success and effectiveness in today’s dynamic media landscape.

PAB Keynote Dinner Thursday April 25, 6-9pm  (must pre-register if attending, this is a pre-seated event)

Friday April 26th  (Breakfast will be provided at 8AM)

Pat Bryson – Creating A Bespoke Suit: Polishing Our Diamonds – 8:30-11:30am (Radio Sales Team Members & Radio Sales Managers)

Session description:  This session is a “Bespoke Session” created to meet the needs of Pennsylvania broadcasters. I interviewed three of your groups and based the information on the challenges and needs outlined to me. I’m happy to say that my impression of your sales staffs is that they already have skill levels above the norm. This allows us to “polish our diamonds” in this session. For three hours we will investigate the passages of a salesperson as they grow and progress in their careers. We will discuss transactional versus relational selling. We’ll study new ways to get appointments with new prospects by understanding their internal dialogues.

Our next topic will be doing better and more comprehensive customer needs analysis meetings to pave the way to sell our multiple platforms. Today we sell more than radio: digital offerings, podcasts, outdoor. We have the opportunity to become “the source” for marketing knowledge for our clients. How do we establish ourselves as “the expert”? And finally, we will discover the difference between “good” service and “exceptional” service. In today’s competitive world, we must become known for providing exceptional service.

The goals for this session: to give you techniques, ideas, and strategies to sell larger, longer, and multi-platform solutions and campaigns.

Come prepared to have fun, participate and leave with great ideas!

JDA.Media Treat ‘Em Like Dogs with Tom Ray – 8:30-9:30am (TV Sales Managers)

Session description:  Tom Ray explores the foundational concepts of management through the lens of the dog training world.  From the leadership skills your team demands, to the training techniques that work, Tom will share immediate actions that will enhance your management efforts.  Don’t miss this wildly creative session that will have you re-thinking your role as Team Leader!

JDA.Media Three Hidden Revenues of 2024 with Tom Ray –  10-11am (TV Sales Team)

Session description:  Attention Sellers!  Discover how the “Sansdemic”, “Peak 65” and “Point of Entry” can dramatically impact your success on the streets this year.  Tom will define these three hidden revenue opportunities and give you tangible steps to capitalize on new potential.

PAB Awards Luncheon – 12 noon Friday April 26, 2024 (Must pre-register if attending, this is a pre-seated event)