December 3, 2018

Capitol Update December, 2018

By: Carter Wyckoff

Now that the dust has settled following the 2018 record midterm election, legislators from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between will travel back to Harrisburg on January 1st to be sworn in and start fresh on what is sure to be an interesting legislative session.

Governor Tom Wolf won his reelection handedly after defeating former State Senator Scott Wagner by 17 points. While the Republicans in both chambers suffered losses in the Southeast, they still maintain a majority of 110-92 in the House and 28-21 and will likely take a more conservative trajectory after the loss of some moderate members.

On the Federal side, the Republicans took a beating as the new Congressional districts tipped the scales leaving the state in a Congressional stalemate with nine Republicans and nine Democrats representing the state in Washington D.C. Senator Bob Casey also experienced a great year as he cruised to victory against Republican challenger Congressman Lou Barletta.

With over 40 new members in the State House and Senate, there will be plenty of new blood excited to hit the ground running, and we at Greenlee Partners look forward to educating these members on the hard work that you and your employees do every day and will strive to foster champions of broadcasters for years to come.


Ben Dannels

Greenlee Partners LLC.