April 6, 2018

Capitol Update April, 2018

By: Administrator

With the House of Representatives gearing up for next week’s session, budget pontification will quickly become budget reality, as the impending June 30 deadline edges closer than the turn of the new year.  Under the shadow of November elections, the chances of a protracted budget stalemate diminish, however as many have learned over the years, all is fair in love and Pennsylvania politics.

Currently, the House still has 27 scheduled session days before the budget deadline, the Senate 23, with only five mutual session days before the start of June. Both chambers plan to stay in the district the week prior, and the week of the primary election, slated for May 15. Pundits and politicos alike will be keeping a close eye on the primary for indicators that may shed light on the temperature of the Pennsylvania electorate.


Ben Dannels | Greenlee Partners, LLC