State Agency Contacts

Agency Position Name Email Main Office Direct Line Cell
Board of Probation and Parole Director of Communications Laura Treaster ltreaster@pa.gov 717-231-4411 717-585-2618
Board of Probation and Parole Press Secretary Maria Finn mfinn@pa.gov 717-231-4411
Civil Service Commission Press Secretary John McGettigan jmcgettiga@pa.gov (717) 705-2543
Department of Aging Communications Director Drew Wilburne drwilburne@pa.gov 717-783-1550 717-705 -3702 717-836-5048
Department of Agriculture Director of Communications Bonnie McCann bomccann@pa.gov 717-787-5085 717-783-0133 717-603-2200
Department of Agriculture Deputy Director of Communications Shannon Powers shpowers@pa.gov 717-787-5085 717-783-2628
Department of Banking and Securities Director of Communications Edward Novak III enovak@pa.gov 717-783-4721 717-783-4721 717-412-8107
Department of Banking and Securities Deputy Communications Director Virginia Lucy vlucy@pa.gov 717-783-4721 717-214-4759
Department of Community & Economic Development Communications Director David Smith damsmith@pa.gov 717-783-1132 717-720-1304 717-736-3199
Department of Community & Economic Development Deputy Communications Director Michael Gerber mgerber@pa.gov 717-783-1132 717-214-5325 717-736-2951
Department of Community & Economic Development Director of Communications David Misner dmisner@pa.gov 717-720-1132 717.720.1304
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Press Secretary Terry Brady tbrady@pa.gov 717-772-9101 717-705-2225 717-877-6315
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Director of the Office of Education, Communications and Partnerships Christina Novak cnovak@pa.gov 717-772-9101 717-787-9300 717-579-5177
Department of Corrections Press Secretary Amy Worden aworden@pa.gov 717-728-4026 (717) 303-9656
Department of Corrections Communications Director Susan McNaughton smcnaughto@pa.gov 717-728-4025 717-773-7312
Department of Drugs and Alcohol Programs Communications Director Carol Gifford cagifford@pa.gov 717-547-3314
Department of Education Deputy Communications Director Casey Smith casesmith@pa.gov 717-783-9802
Department of Environmental Protection Director of Communications Julie Lalo jlalo@pa.gov 717-787-1323 717-783-9952 717-319-1758
Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Communications Director Deb Klenotic dklenotic@pa.gov 717-787-1323 717-783-9954 717-649-9136
Departemnt of Environmental Protection Press Secretary Neil Shader nshader@pa.gov 717-787-1323 717-705-3564 717-649-8563
Commonwealth Media Services Director of Marketing Susan Rickens srickens@pa.gov 717-787-1323 717-783-9954 717-265-3928
Commonwealth Media Services Deputy Director Jef Smith jesmith@pa.gov
Commonwealth Media Services Director Suzanne Rigby srigby@pa.gov
Department of General Services Communications Director Troy Thompson tthompson@pa.gov 717-787-3197 717-787-3197 717-265-3049
Department of Health Deputy Press Secretary Wes Culp weculp@pa.gov 717-787-1783 717-547-3095 717-736-2974
Department of Health Acting Director of Communications/Press Secretary April Hutcheson ahutcheson@pa.gov 717-787-1783 717-547-3454
Department of Health Emergency Preparedness Public Information Officer Nate Wardle nwardle@pa.gov 717-787-1783
Department of Human Services Deputy Communications Director Diana Fishlock dfishlock@pa.gov 717-425-7606 717-705-6804 717-421-7146
Department of Human Services Communications Director Kait Gillis katgillis@pa.gov 717-425-7606 717-214-1876 610-639-9566
Department of Human Services Deputy Communications Director Rachel Kostelac rkostelac@pa.gov 717-425-7606 (717) 787-9158 (304) 532-3277
Department of Labor and Industry Communications Director Penny Ickes pickes@pa.gov 717-787-7530
Department of Labor and Industry Deputy Communications Director Theresa Elliot thelliott@pa.gov 717-787-7530 717-787-4264
Department of Labor and Industry Deputy Communications Director Lindsay Bracale lbracale@pa.gov 717-787-7530 717-705-4617
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Communications Director Joan Nissley jnissley@pa.gov 717-861-8352 717-861-8720 717-821-4562
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Deputy Communications Director Joe Butera jobutera@pa.gov 717-861-8352 717-861-2178 717-903-6791
Department of Revenue Communications Director Kevin Hensil khensil@pa.gov 717-787-6960 717-346-4626 717-982-3382
Department of Revenue Deputy Communications Director Trevor Monk tmonk@pa.gov 717-787-6960
Department of State Director of the Office of Communications and Press Xinomara Velazquez Yehuda xvelazquez@pa.gov 717-783-1621
Department of State Deputy Press Secretary Kaitlin Murphy kaimurphy@pa.gov 717-783-1621 717-346-2666 717-982-0896
Department of State Press Secretary Wanda Murren wmurren@pa.gov 717-783-1621 717-787-7854 717-307-8799
Department of Transportation Deputy Communications Director Ashley Schoch aschoch@pa.gov 717-783-8800 717-783-9257 717-695-1496
Department of Transportation Community Relations Coordinator Craig Yetter cryetter@pa.gov 717-783-8800 717-705-1092 717-480-1645
Department of Transportation Community Relations Coordinator Alexis Campbell alecampbel@pa.gov 717.787.0485
Department of Transportation Press Secretary Erin Waters-Trasatt ewaterstra@pa.gov 717-783-8800 717-346-3357 717-364-7787
Department of Transportation Deputy Communications Director Jan Huzvar jhuzvar@pa.gov 717-783-8800 717-409-3840 717-433-7186
Department of Transportation Communications Director Rich Kirkpatrick RIKIRKPATR@pa.gov 717-783-8800 717-783-8284 717-439-1787
Department of Transportation Deputy Communications Director Wayne Mears wmears@pa.gov 717-783-8800 717-214-1836 717-303-6077
Fish & Boat Commission Communications Director Rick Levis ELEVIS@pa.gov 717.705.7806 717.919.7185
Game Commission Communications Director Travis Lau trlau@pa.gov
Insurance Department Deputy Communications Director Ali Fogarty alfogarty@pa.gov 717-214-8652 717-979-3531
Insurance Department Communications Director Ron Ruman roruman@pa.gov 717-783-9462 717-329-1312
Lottery Deputy Communications Director Allen Zieglar amzieglar@pa.gov 717-702-8008 717-702-8028 717-756-5848
Lottery Public Relations Director Gary Miller garym@pa.gov 717-702-8008 717-702-8008 717-756-6251
Lottery Dir. Of New Media Matthew Beddow mbeddow@pa.gov 717-702-8043 717-702-8043 610-247-7719
Office of Administration Communications Director Daniel Egan degan@pa.gov 717-772-4237 717-856-4108
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Kristen Kenyon kkenyon@pa.gov 717-265-8505
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Deputy Director for Communications and External Affairs Norah Johnson norajohnso@pa.gov 717-525-5544
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Communications Director Ruth Miller ruthmiller@pa.gov 717-651-2009 717-651-2161 717-979-6557
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Director of External Affairs Molly Dougherty modoughert@pa.gov 717-651-2009 717-651-2739 717-829-4952
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Director of External Affairs Howard Pollman hpollman@pa.gov 717-705-8639 717-329-9194
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Communications Director Christina Reese chreese@pa.gov 717-783-8266 717-315-5134
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Director Of Communications Elizabeth Brassell ebrassell@pa.gov 717.783.8864 717-919-1905
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Deputy Director of Communications Shawn Kelly Shawkelly@pa.gov 717-705-2459 717-303-8522
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Director of Marketing Communications, Branding & Design Stacy Kriedeman skriedeman@pa.gov 717-346-3277 717-576-3077
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Press Secretary Nils Hagen-Frederiksen nhagen-fre@pa.gov 717-787-5722 717-418-2701
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Senior Communications Specialist Cyndi Page cypage@pa.gov 717-214-5434
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Director of Communications Tom Charles thcharles@pa.gov 717-787-9504 717-574-5267
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Deputy Press Secretary David Hixson dhixson@pa.gov 717-772-2766 717-480-2636
Pennsylvania State Police Assistant Press Secretary Diana M. Bates dbates@pa.gov 717.783.5556 717-350-8346
Pennsylvania State Police PIO Coordinator Trooper Adam Reed areed@pa.gov (717) 787-3159 717-736-9952
Pennsylvania State Police Communications Director Ryan Tarkowski rtarkowski@pa.gov 717-705-3893 717-480-6782
Public School Employees Retirement System Press Secretary Evelyn Williams evwilliams@pa.gov (717) 720-4734
State Employees Retirement System Press Secretary Pamela Hile phile@pa.gov (717) 237-0246
Office of the Inspector General Special Assistant Ellen Lyon ellyon@pa.gov