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January is Radon Awareness Month

In addition to airing :30 informational spots on your station, it is our hope that this page will provide you with the materials needed to create your own package around this very important issue.

The PA Internet News Service window below is an interactive database of photos, audio clips, video, as well as the DEP Press Release.

For further information and access to PA State Agency Experts, please contact Deb Klenotic 717-783-9954.

Radon Awareness Infographic below – right click to copy/download.

Please link to:

The Radon Division helps to ensure public health and safety by increasing public and professional awareness of radon and its health risks within the Commonwealth.

The division administers a certification program for radon testing, mitigation and laboratory analysis individuals and firms.

The division provides an extensive amount of expert information to the general public on all matters related to radon. Also, assistance is provided to homeowners, builders and institutions for the monitoring and mitigation of radon.

Pennsylvania has one of the most serious radon problems in the country. An estimated 40 percent of Pennsylvania homes have radon levels above Environmental Protection Agency’s action guideline of 4 picocuries per liter.


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