Chairman of the Joint Board

Vince Benedetto

Vince Benedetto is the Founder, President, and CEO of Bold Gold Media Group, which owns and operates fourteen full power radio stations and twenty-five broadcast frequencies throughout Pennsylvania and New York.  Vince is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, a former Air Force Captain and Air Force OSI Special Agent, where he specialized in counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism and felony level investigative efforts for the Department of Defense.  With a desire to be a media entrepreneur, he separated from the Air Force and formed Bold Gold, where his growing portfolio of radio stations have become leaders in social & digital media engagement.  Vince has frequently been named as one of Radio’s Top 20 Leaders by Radio Ink Magazine.  Outside of work he enjoys a passion for writing and speaking about American and military history, as well as writing and producing music.  He is the President of the Churchill Society of Pennsylvania and serves on the Radio Advertising Bureau’s (RAB) Sales Advisory Committee (SAC). Vince is the current Chairman of the Joint Board for the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB).