March 19, 2020

PA Department of Health – COVID 19 Best Practices

By: Carter Wyckoff


The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Commonwealth Media Services have created the below :30 second informational Public Service Announcements regarding prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and have asked that these Public Service Announcements be distributed to television and radio stations across the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has requested your consideration of broadcasting these COVID-19 Public Service Announcements.  These PSAs do not replace the current PAB PEP/NCSA campaigns.  Please share with your traffic department that the current PAB PEP/NCSA campaigns should continue to air as scheduled.


:30 PA DOH COVID-19 Television PSA

PA Department of Health – COVID-19      Television PSA – download link


:30 PA DOH COVID-19 Radio PSA

PA Department of Health – COVID-19 Radio PSA – download link