Moose Rosana

It all starts in the kitchen at home way back in the late 50’s!

Mom & Dad always listened to & loved polka music, and danced the polka as well. That’s where the “Big Moose” developed his love for the music as well as radio, and as he tells it, “mom must have taught me how to polka soon after we learned how to walk, because I can always remember knowing how to dance the polka!”, when it was on the radio every Sunday.

Getting into the radio part came a few years later, being on the Polka Party radio show for the first time at about age 7, and was asked to do the station I.D. From there the rest is history.

Moose made a career change becoming the Sales Manager for Tri-County Broadcasting in 1998 after 21 years of sales with the George J Howe Co. and doing radio as a hobby/part time fun job since 1974.

Promoted to General Manager when stations were purchased by Vox Media in 2000 and continued in that position for First Media Radio and now with current owner Seven Mountains Media.