August 20, 2021

Shadowing, Internships and Co-op with Point Park University

By: Gail Ponti

Shadowing, Internships and Co-op with Point Park University

In the School of Communication and the Rowland School of Business students are prepared for real life business experiences that connect the classroom to the workplace. Each of these sequentially intensive experiential learning opportunities are designed to give on the job training that will make each student competitive in today’s increasingly demanding job market.

Shadowing Program

For many first-year students shadowing is their first experience “on the job” with their chosen major.  It is integrated with the SAEM 101 intro course in Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management (SAEM) which includes introductory business knowledge and skills and emphasis on how to appropriately navigate a business environment. Hosts often use shadowing as a pre-interview for internships.

Shadowing In-Person – Students schedule 20 hours of time shadowing.  Characterized by an initial orientation, students then can actively participate and/or passively watch.  The more engagement employers offer, the better the experience for both.

Shadowing Virtually – Students schedule four virtual meetings: (1) initial orientation (get to know you), (2) to get employers feedback on their industry research, (3) to get employers feedback on their company research and (4) to offer employers personal professional perspective/advice/advice.

Email shadowing coordinator Olivia Stawovy –

Internship Program

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Students can learn how courses apply to the real world and build valuable experience through hands-on learning.

Internships cover a semester (12-15 week), 150 hours total with the student earning college credit.  Can be full or part time, virtual/ in person or paid /unpaid depending on the employer and career field.

Email Dawnese Booker, program manager –

Co-op Program

Cooperative Education or Co-op program is the ultimate embedded experience is a paid and almost fulltime program where students work approximately 32+ hours per week for (12-15 weeks) for a minimum of 384 hours total.  Co-op programs are taken for credit and include academic requirements.

Email Dawnese Booker, program manager –